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The medivac is a support unit that is purchased from the Unit Shop. It has the strongest "automatic" heal in the game at 5 health per second. It can also be upgraded at the unit shop in order to hold 8 squares worth of units for 100 minerals. Use them with stimpack units

General StrategyEdit

Because of its low cost, the medivac is a good option for spending "leftover" minerals after buying a mercenary at the beginning. With 4 starting armor, the medivac makes an excellent tank against marines in the start of a match. Medivacs have a high attack priority and so by putting one out in front of the rest of your army, enemy marines will auto-target the medivac as a priority over killing your units. This allows you to safely stimpack and then let the shuttle heal your army back up to full hp. Medivacs also make great "afk" healbot units within your base or on cliffs. When using medivacs on offense, extra care is needed to make sure the medivacs are in prime position to both heal your own army and keep itself safe from attack. Medivacs can also be used to transport heroes out of combat and to put units onto towers with unbroken cliffs.

Counter StrategiesEdit

Early game, marine focus fire is your only option for killing these unless you have a Hunter Killer hero handy. Medivacs are hard to control due to their AI. Sometimes medivacs will wander off to heal lone units and so it is often common to find medivacs afk in odd locations because of this. Medivacs will always stick to the back of attacking armies (when attack moving) and this makes them susceptible to a sandwhich attack from behind. The earliest possible merc counter is stalkers. Infestor root can also force a retreating player to abandon his medivacs. Medivacs can only be bought 2 at a time every minute which makes medivac hunting a viable strategy lategame since your opponent will not be able to replace them fast enough.

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