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Current StrategiesEdit

Maraiders w/ Mercenary Marine dropsEdit

start out the game with marauders and stim. take ~50 units combined rines/rauders out into the field and start farming people. (use choke points and kiting against melee, and choke points against other marauders or pure rines)

get maraiders ASAP since marauders splash was nerfed.

get 3 mercenary shop upgrades for increased splash.

tech up 4-5 mercenary weapons then hard hit marine weapons and mercenary armor

get a supportive tower for scans and merc marine drops. when your marines do ~18 damage you can drop on peoples bases and take them out with fair ease.

added by Keymasher

Heroes are AnnoyingEdit

Start by purchasing a Noobgem.
Depending on your opponent's set up, you should generally avoid the center of the arena. Marauders with concussive shells will make short work of your Hunter Killer if it is left unguarded. If there is an arena full of mixed mercs, then attack with marines backed up by your HK. Run your HK away (or burrow) before your marine army is destroyed (not after).

With an HK, you mainly want to stick to the sides. Place the HK at the bottom part of the side areas, against the wall, it should have the range to just reach the ramp on the other side. You'll outrange any starting mercs and marines that come up to attack it. Make sure you bring marines to back it up.
Once you have full control over the side areas, you can start picking off enemy mercs by doing hit and run attacks on their spawning mercs. If you're up against a bad player, he will constantly try to kill your HK by chasing it up the side. There he will meet an army of your marines that your HK can burrow behind and be shielded by a wall of marines.
Once you can afford it, buy a merc, any merc will do. From here, keep doing what you were doing before, but hit harder.

Buy your second HK next (or a High Templar if you're only able to maintain side control and not arena control), then start upgrading heroic attack speed.

If you chose the High Templar, use it just like your HK. Keep it on side control and constantly harass armies by psi storming them (you may want to purchase one or two psi storm damage upgrades). If an army chases it up the ramp, block it with a force field, then psi storm the army bunched up next to it. Hellya :D

After ruling the arena for awhile with HKs, eventually someones gonna wise up and get stalkers. At this point, you should stop investing in HK's and buy a DT and HT. Either let your HKs die, or purchase more gas (or have your ally gift you his gas), and work on the Archon.
Once your attack speed upgrades are maxed out, tech straight hero armor upgrades. Alternate with mercenary armor upgrades when it starts to become economically feasible.

Before your archon is finished, or shortly after, get the supportive tower. This will hugely increase your Archon's early survivability.

Start attacking whole armies with your archon (and remaining HK's if they are present), be sure to back it up with your mercenaries and/or marines. When its health gets too low, run it back to base. If it gets stuck or is just about to die, recall it with your supportive tower. Heal it back up using the tower, and send it back out to fight.
Since Archons receive twice the stat upgrade, you can have his armor high enough to null marines damage much quicker than any other hero. Keep harassing everyone, avoid command centers and infested saviors, pick each player apart one by one.

Muta Bin Laden

Purchase the mutalisk mercenery as soon as you can. I prefer going marauders+stimpack then infestor then straight to mutalisks without doing any upgrades. Accumulate at least 20 mutas and start harassing enemy units by using hit and run strategy. Upgrade at middle shop first. Try to target unupgraded units and avoid stalkers, maraiders, goliaths. In midgame try to use at least 40 mutas in your attacks and attacking cliffs is pretty easy. Keep good vision of whats going on in the center of the map to always take advantage of fighting armies by harassing them from the side. Your tactics is hit and run and try to avoid battles where you may take big losses. Constantly add new spawned mutas to your active group. Players may try to target your spire so you have to anticipate that so make sure you keep your marines at base. If you build a supportive tower you can attack enemy merc compounds and immediately recall your mutas back to base. It is generally better to upgrade mostly attack damage and some armor and health but this is debated. Avoid other flying units unless you clearly outnumber them to have an advantage. Also avoid skilled players using the Archon hero. At some point it is better to stop upgrading your mutalisks and upgrade marines. I prefer stopping at about +13 attack. It is also wise not to reveal to others that you have made muta mercenery until you have accumulated at least 20 to defend yourself. Using this strategy few times should reveal to you when and where and what units it is best to snipe with mutalisks.

Posted by Artyom, (although its not my own strat, I saw several people doing similar things and I customized it to my own liking)

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