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Marine Arena Version 1.0 - Oct 4th ~ ???

Screens: More screens will be added as I update, check back regularly for updates.


  • Raiders now change model to Kill Squad Marauders
  • Templelots change model to Dark Zealots
  • Stalker Lancer change model to Dark Stalker
  • Spectre uses Spectre model.
  • Spectre Snipe is replaced with Spectre Mind Lash
  • Merc Marines use Merc Marines model
  • Changed the Tooltips/Buttons of many upgrades/abilities to nicer ones.
  • Firebats officially replace Hellions

RIP Hellions (May 2nd - Oct 4th)

  • Vikings can now be chosen to spawn in Fighter Mode, or Assault Mode
  • All Spawning Triggers have been fully optimized to run off "1 set of triggers per merc", instead of "1 set per player, per merc".
  • Firebat Splash flagged to only hurt enemies.
  • Firebat given Stimpacks, making them a natural upgrade from Marauders. Subject to change if too overpowered.
  • Ultralisk is going on vacation, until hes back, his bestest buddy Brutalisk watch the Arena for him.
  • Brutalisk set to Ultralisk stats/costs on top of the Brutalisks natural abilities (Air Weapons, natural unit push)
  • Changed the portrait of the Templelot to the Preserver portrait (looks much nicer).
  • Upgrading to Extra Marine Spawning will also change the model to Merc Marine, and will change the portrait to Dominion Marine 2.
  • Brutalisk given speech (Brutalisk Roar sounds and Ultralisk sounds)
  • Starting position Cameras set
  • Killboard reverted to old board
  • Global Leaderboard created (initially minimized)
  • GLB Items: Total Kills, CC, Wins, Total Games (Possibly more to come).
  • New Splash Image by Sonoma ("NOW WITH TWICE THE MARINE CROTCH!")
  • New Game Mode "King of the Arena" (NOT YET FINISHED!)
  • KotA is played by holding the xel naga towers to accumulate points
  • New Terrain design
  • Firebat upgrade -> Devil Dog Refitting: Upgrades Firebats to Devil Dogs, granting additional armor, 40% wider splash radius, faster attack speed, and +5 Armored Damage (Giving them a fighting chance against armored units).
  • Tooltip updates
  • More Trigger optimization. I managed to cut back on about 50 trigger actions using variables and "pick each player" actions.
  • Offensive tower has been given the Consume ability (Tosh's ability to steal energy from friendly units life)
  • Defensive tower has been given the psionic wave ability (paralyzes units in the radius for a short period of time)

More Tower abilities will come in the future, for now, this will do.

  • Zerglings set to 1 starting armor (from 2), Set back to 75 starting HP (from 80)
  • Zealots set to 125 health, 75 shield (from 150/75)
  • Zealot armor set to 1, shield armor set to 1 (from 2/0)
  • Zergling razor claws period set to 0.025 (from 0.05), armor to .5 (from 1)
  • Rauder base damage increased by 1, armored damage reduced by 1 (at 14/12 now)
  • Viking movement speed increase by .25
  • Viking ground range increased by .5
  • Void Ray bounty decreased by 1
  • Void Ray damage increase by 1 (for all 3 charges)

Marine Arena v9.9 - Oct 4th (THE FINAL BETA VERSION!) -Bankable Leaderboard

Sooo much reworking/balancing/fixing I cant even list it because I forgot to update this page. I'll list what I remember off the top of my head.

-Roaches moved to T1.5, spawn faster, cheaper, and less bounty -Marauders moved to 1.5, more expensive, more bounter, stronger -Maraiders Nerfed vs ground -Marauders buffed vs ground -Vikings moved to T2.5, cheaper, spawn faster, and less bounty -Archon is now Ultimate -Queenfestor is now Ultimate -Spectre is now Ultimate -Snipe ability is easier to use -Tooltips -New Spawning Triggers -Hero Limiters -HT/Infestor buffed, nerfed, buffed, nerfed, etc. They're pretty Par now. -Saviors hurt Heroes -Unit Shop

Marine Arena v9.9 - Sept 18th -Placeable Base Defenses -No Vision for dead allies -No income for Left Allies -New Sudden Death features -New Load Screen by: Sonoma -Adjusted Base Defenses -Increased Base Defense upgrade Costs -Added a Footprint to Base Defenses (No Stacking) -Increased Hellion Base Damage -Increased Void Ray upgrade damage -Various Trigger Adjustments -Upgrades now give 1/2th the upgrade to the other unit group -Squad Mode cap increased

Marine Arena v9.9 - Sept 13th -Buffed the Void Ray with more Health/Armor -Added Void Ray Speed Upgrade -Slightly Reduced Stalker Shield -Increased Zealot Health/Armor/Shield -No longer have to wait for your Hero to die before getting the cheaper "Revive" cost -Added a Permanently Disable Marine Spawning upgrade (Marine Shop) -Added a Re-enable Spawning ability for the Permanent Disable one -Maraiders rebuild costs is now 350 -Sudden Death now appears as a Screen Button -Adjusted the No Pathing zones for outsides of the map -Income is no longer given to 'Left Players' -Natural Marine Spawning works for 'Left Players' so long as their CC lives -Support tower is kept if sudden death is used, its morphs are not -Sudden Death kills All Units in the map -Added Game Mode Tips so you know which modes you are in -Vote System - by Fuglypump -Anti-Grief System -Various Unit Balancing and some Tooltip updates -Various Trigger reworking and optimizing

Marine Arena v9.9 - August 30th -Fixed some tooltips and hotkeys -Reduced the charge for the Merc Marines. -Colossus can no longer see over cliffs. -Fixed the Stalker Bounty Upgrade. -Added Color to the Leaderboard Players. -Removed some abilities that no longer worked (BETA abilities blizzard removed). -Increase Thor AA Damage. -Increase Ultralisk's Armor. -Marauder self splash removed.

Marine Arena v9.9 - August 23rd -Infestor mana regen increased and set to 50 starting -Calldown Merc Marines FIXED, it now has a charge of 15 which replenishes over time -CC starting energy at 45 New Shop -Merc Shop, gives each individual merc a particular upgrade -Zerglings get + armored damage -Stalkers bounty reduced -Hellion range increase this is just to name a few.

Marine Arena v9.9 - August 22nd -Queenfestor, Archon, and Spectre are now revivable from the CC in the heroes command card. -Maraiders attack speed and movement speed decrease. -HT Collision reduced and speed increased so it can more easily move around units. -Calldown Merc Marines now has a cooldown and costs 150 minerals -Observer health/sheild increased to 150/50, and gives 50 bounty reward. Purchase cost also decreased.

Marine Arena v9.9 - August 18th -Infestor burrow move speed reduced -Infestor mana regen reduced, burrowed mana regen halved -Infestor starting mana set to 50 -Colossus health increase (250 health, 250 shields) -Players who leave/drop during the first 5 minutes of the game have their minerals taken away, so their allies do not get their starting minerals. Their allies will still gain their 10 minute income however. -Fixed an issue where Player 1 drops/leaves before selecting game modes, and dialogs not dissapearing. Now if Player 1 leaves/quits, after 2 minutes the dialogs will auto select Classic/Classic/No.

Marine Arena v9.9 (v9.98525 after BETA) - ~~ August 9th -Adjusted the tier x.5 merc upgrades to rebalance their added stats. This upgrade now just changed the units combat style instead of making it an overpowered version. -Reduced High Templar mana regen -Increased Hero health -Increased T3 Merc health -Reduced Stalker and Hellion Damage -Reduced Viking Damage and Range -Reduced Marauder Range -Reduced Hunter Killer armor -Fixed Cleave issues with Dark Templars and Zealots -Fixed Victory Condition triggers -Increase Squad Mode cap to 80 marines, 40 mercs -Reduced Fastest mode starting minerals to 500 -Fixed Psi Storm and Fungal Growth Upgrades -Fixed the Spectre bug where the game would crash if you moused over the Nuke -Adjusted the Marine Shop/Center Beacon ownership triggers. It should be easier to use these now -Allowed the Center Beacon to be able to turn so it can actually heal units -Various other bug fixes and balancing

--Beta Phase 2 Ends-- v9.98525 -Fixed squad mode cap issues -Made Marine upgraded affect Merc upgrades by 1/4th the upgrade, and vise versa -Added in tier x.5 Merc upgrades for T1/2 Mercs -Adjusted the Heroes and rebalanced their stats (increased health/damage/armor/etc.) -Larger Map -Archon Range increased -High Templar increased Mana regen -Ultralisk given burrow move -Fixed player 8's spawning bug, causing him to spawn stalkers when red bought it -Various other fixes

v0.9.985 -Restored the incompatible Phase 1 map to working condition. -Further optimization of triggering to reducing in game lag -More Balancing

--Beta Phase 1 Ends-- v0.9.9815 - Victory conditions work, Player has Dialog to Observe the rest of the game as a Neutral player, When a Player dies, so does all his units. v0.9.9812 - Optimization of some spawning triggers to reduce game start latency issues and end game major lag issues. Will be optimizing more as we come closer to final release of Marine Arena. v0.9.981 - Dialog buttons for game mode selection. v0.9.980 Squad Mode: Squad mode is a more Tactical much more Micro game of Marine Arena. This is done by capping player units. Marines and Mercs are set to a different cap. Marine cap is 40. Merc Cap is 20. This is the first phase of testing our Squad Mode. If the cap needs to be changed, please let us know. You can no longer sit in your base and Amass 100's of units to throw at your opponent. Micro to Survive!

v0.9.975 Now that my map is nearing completion (until sc2 launch when real heroes are added), all thats left to do is clean up and minor bug fixes/balancings. If I can shorten all the triggers, then this will greatly increase the game speed, making less lag late game.

Trigger Clean up -Triggers that increase spawn rate now replaced with an upgrade, so now whenever a unit enters region the map doesnt have to check if it == changeling to enable extra spawn rate. -Triggers that give you back your vespene for hero death replaced with a very short global trigger that works for all players, so I cut down 7 triggers per hero. -Removed the triggers for when players leave the game, these arent really needed and just lag the game up when players quit, since marine spawning already disables when the CC dies and doesnt work if the player =/= user. -More Balancing and Tweaking -dead players still spawning units fixed

v0.9.95 Changelog -Fixed a major issue with an overflow of triggers being run when a CC dies -Reduced the damage of the hellion slightly -Set up the game lobby to 2v2v2v2 again -Made the leaderboard bigger so when players minimize it, they can bring it back -DT cannot attack itself anymore with splash damage -a few other bugs/balance fixes.

v0.9.925 Changelog -Fixed the base defense armor, you now only get +3 armor per upgrade and it costs more -Base Armor costs increases upon each use -Base defense damage costs 100 base and increases each use -Increased the morph time of the Towers -Reduced the Engery regen of the towers -Reduced the starting energy of the towers -Base defense range and health upgrades costs more and increase on each use -PF has Scan back -Nerfed the Auto turret, halved its life -Hero prices have been adjusted depending on their usefulness. Example: The Ultralisk is the most expensive, the Thor is cheaper than the Colossus and Ultra, the HT costs the most for light heroes, etc. -Hellions gained a buff, increased damage and they now to +10 to biological, and pre-igniter also adds +10 to bio, this will make them more useful vs roach+marine builds -Reduced the Cleave of the ultralisk from a radius of 2 to a radius of 1.25 -Fixed the DT's cleave -Hunter Killer has low ranged splash and high melee splash -various other fixes and balances

-Added in the Defensive tower finally. Reworked some of the other tower's abilities. -Fixed problem when people die and their spawning starts again after disable marine spawn ability has been used

-Enabled a "Fast Game Mode" enabled by Player 1, gives double periodic income and +500 starting minerals. -Enabled a "Sudden Death Mode" enabled by Player 1, activated by any player. After 1 hour elapsed, sudden death mode becomes available, any player can activate it and it destroys and disabled every defense structure in the game.

This list will be updated as I continue to change/add more things, 0.9.925 will be available for download later today.

0.9.9 Changelog -New Mercenary and Hero system - All Merc compounds are rebuildable, All Heroes are revivable. -Heroes all got buffs to make them more useful -Fixed the center of the map shop and beacon -Added in Psi Storm and Fungal Growth damage upgrades -Gave the Archon the Charge and Psi Storm abilities -Spectre life increase to 3000 -Move the disable marine spawning to the Marine Shop -Increased Observer cost to 500 -Base defense damage nerf, all damages are halved at the least -Fixed top right's increase marine spawn bug -Fixed bottom right's support tower bug -Fixed bottom left's stalker bug -Stalker blink cost increased -Some other minor balances and fixes

0.9.85 Changelog -Added in a Center of the map Beacon that can heal/produce guardian sheild. -Added in a Marine Shop in the center of the map, this is where I moved the "Disable Marine Spawning" and "Destroy Merc Compounds" abilites. Also addin a Savior for Minerals and Gas for Minerals exchange, a Calldown Merc Marines, Warp In Observer. Hopefully these two new additions will give people more incentive to attack/hold the center of the map.

Will be adding more to this shop as the map progresses, right now I need to test the balancing of the changes below:

-Marauders remain unchanged because they seem perfect at the moment -Stalkers are beefed up and should now be able to take on marauders, they also have a very small splash for dealing with marines -Roaches have increased range, they now have the range of the marines and higher starting armor -Void Rays got a buff to bring them back up to how they were before, however their increasements in the upgrades is still the same, no more insta-popping marines anymore -Mutalisks remain unchanged -Vikings have AA splash damage and life armor when in assault mode -The Ultralisk has greater cleave, burrow-move, and life armor -The Colossus has more life armor and slight damage buff -The Thor has bigger AA splash and damage, and ground attack splash -Infernal Pre-ignitor is cheaper but takes 3 minutes to tech -Base defenses all have splash, Bunkers have +2 to range -Bunkers are back to 4 marines default, and can be upgraded to neosteel -PF are cheaper -$200 to use the disable marines -All mercs have adjusted life armor/health to make them more worth their money when vs upgraded marines -HT has higher energy, regen, and starting energy -Offensive tower has 500 energy and life armor -Hunter Killer has increased range, burrow move and AA splash -Zerglings have higher starting armor. -Zealots have higher armor and damage and less collision. -DT has cleave attack -All T3 mercs take 10 seconds to spawn now

v0.9.82 Changelog -Fixed the Leaderboard, it now displays names -Removed "Salvage" from the bunkers -Reduced the periodic 250 minerals every 10 minutes to 100 minerals -Increased the T1 Mercs health and armor -Move the destroy all merc compounds ability to the PF, and increased is cost to 1000. It now costs 2000 to get it and use it once, this should stop people spamming it early game... -Added the "Disable Marine Spawning" ability to the CC, costs 300 and disables everyone regular spawning for 60 seconds. -More Balancing -Increased Marine upgrade cost to 250/275, and Merc/Hero costs to 250/275 -Added a Spectre hero, morphs from the Ghost (Promote to Spectre) -Specture can Spectre Snipe (3000 damage), build and calldown nuke, he also has very high damage, range, movement speed, enerygy, but has low health. -Added in Infestor Spellcaster hero, which can morph into "Queenfestor", a queen with a combined infestor/queen model. -Queenfestor has infestor/queen/overlord abilities, regens energy on atttack, burrow-moves, and looks awesome. -Fixed the Turrets, they now have no pathing so heroes/saviors wont get stuck on them. -Ultralisk now has a very slow burrow-move, and his burrow regen is set to 2hp/s -Increased the Trade Timer to 30 minutes before trading, this way no one can buff their allies -When players leave they should now lose their CC, stopping their spawning (untested though, not sure if it works or not)

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